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Cubed Circle Newsletter Issue #3

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The Cubed Circle Newsletter
In this weeks issue we will be discussing the recent WWE Hell in Cell pay-per view, as well as reviewing the October 1st edition of ROH on Sinclair. If you haven’t downloaded it already, please check out the full PDF above this post.

Cubed Circle Wrestling Newsletter Rating System

*- Horrendous match, bad booking, bad pacing, botches left and right, poor work rate and bad crowd reactions can all lead to this.

**- Below average match, forgettable, couldn’t have added much for the show unless there was a great angle, before after or during the match.

***- Good match, there were some really good points in the match, had fun watching it, it had some points missing, the crowd possibly wasn’t into it or it didn’t go long enough. But, the match was still good.

****- Great match, well worked, the crowd were most likely into it, this match was a highlight of the show. The match would most likely be in the top 50 matches of the year.

*****- Almost guaranteed match of the year, ticked all the boxes well worked, well booked, great crowd, had some amazing spots, very few botches or no botches that really affected the match and the match could influence the business in a major way. This is a prestigious rating and it is the highest acclaim I could possibly give for a match, this rating is only given out with extreme thought and consideration.

WWE Hell in a Cell 2011 Review

The show opened up with an okay promo, with the cell being narrated in the first person. Ross was on the commentary team, thank god. Miz and R-Truth came out through the crowd, they showed their tickets to Laurinaitis. It felt pretty forced, they were then removed from ringside. Like at Night of Champions, this played into the mainevent, it was fine.

1. Christian vs. Sheamus
Sheamus made his entrance straight after the shenanigans with Miz and Truth. Sheamus started off in control, Christian got out and ran around ringside, he then caught Sheamus in the ring with a slap. Sheamus continued to dominate, until he was shoved off the top rope by Christian. Sheamus made a brief comeback, but Christian continued to work on him. JR then pointed out the logical inconsistencies in Christian anger at Triple H, over granting him a title shot, which was funny. Christian slapped Sheamus again, while he was on one knee, Sheamus began to fire up. Both men went back and forth for control, until Christian hit the tornado DDT. Christian went for the Killswitch, but Sheamus reversed it and hit a big knee. Sheamus skinned the cat into the ring and nailed a big clothesline, this was impressive. Christian hit a spear on the outside, but Sheamus made it back in by the count of eight. Christian hit the spear in the ring, for a near fall. Christian missed a diving headbutt, Sheamus went for the Celtic Cross, Christian reversed it and went for the Killswitch, but Sheamus got out of it, he went for the spear, but he hit the post. Sheamus hit the brogue kick for the win, in the thirteenth minute. This was a fun little opener, the ending sequence was really fun, the crowd really loved Sheamus, but they were only into this match in patches. I saw this match as an informal no. 1 contender’s match and at least we have a credible opponent for Henry after this match.
*** ¼

Matt Striker interviewed Mark Henry, he said he had to ask him something, he put on a Matt Striker accent. Your typical good Henry promo, although it was getting the what treatment from the crowd.

2. Sin Cara I (Mistico) vs. Sin Cara II (Hunico)
We had the goofy lights, I have no idea why, but they are still there. The match felt really rushed and for some reason both men missed some spots and there were some awkward spots were nothing was going on. They exchanged some moves and did some mirror image spots, Sin Cara I hit a dive to the outside and a really bad looking moonsault to the outside, where he completely over shot Hunico. At this point Jim Ross finally acknowledged the size disparity between the two, Sin Cara I hit a dive to the outside, and the crowd just completely turned on the match. We had boring chants, booing, and just an overall bad response from the crowd. Before this point in the match the commentators were fine , they were interacting like normal human beings, then all of a sudden Cole just snapped and broke into full Cole mode. Then in one of the only times the crowd reacted positively, Sin Cara I hit a dive to the outside and the crowd cheered. They exchanged arm drags, Sin Cara I hit a top rope arm drag, we had awkward pauses during these segments. Sin Cara I then hit what looked like a sun set flip for the win. I don’t know why this match didn’t work, they are both luchadores and they both work the style. It could have been the lights, the history between the two, or it could have been highly choreographed. Either way the crowd was dead and at some points reacting negatively towards the match, Sin Cara I won clean which was a terrible move, and we had really long awkward pauses all adding up to a really sloppy and  disappointing match.
** ¼

David Otunga was talking with Punk backstage, Otunga said he would need his services if he won the title. Punk said not if how, instead of not if when, he then said he hates lawyers and left.

3. Tag Team Championship Match
Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston (Air Boom) vs. Jack Swagger & Dolf Ziggler
As soon as Bourne and Kingston made their entrance, Cole buried the name Air Boom, granted it is a horrendous name. Ziggler really carried himself well from his entrance to the in ring work, he is improving and adding something new every time we see him. Bourne and Kingston started off the match with some new double teams, but the team of Ziggler and Swagger began to work over Bourne, the crowd was really into it. They began to work over Kingston, because Swagger bridged the ropes. Ziggler and Swagger got some heat when working over Kingston, the crowd were really into it and every time the heel team used heel tactics, they got a lot of heat. The crowd were really behind Kingston as a face in peril, going for the hot tag. Bourne was really hot after the tag, Swagger got the ankle locked in, he wasn’t the legal man, he was taken out by Kingston. Ziggler and Swagger hoisted Bourne up for a top rope powerbomb, Bourne reversed it into a frankensteiner for the win. This was a really good ten minute tag, with a good finish and the crowd was into it. Ziggler also didn’t get beaten, which could add to a match with Swagger down the road.
*** ½

4. World Heavyweight Championship Hell in a Cell Match
Mark Henry vs. Randy Orton
Cole said that this was only the 22nd Hell in a Cell in history, which really doesn’t work. The champion entered first once again, I am not going to go on. The start of the match was reminiscent of Night of Champions, Orton took control for the first three minutes or so, after that Henry was in control for pretty much the entire match. Henry began to work on the shoulder of Orton, Henry completely overpowered Orton. He powerslammed Orton on the floor and slammed him into the cage, then in by far the most dangerous spot of the night, Henry threw the steps like they were absolutely nothing at Orton and he moved out of the way. This was an incredible display of Henry’s strength, but if Orton failed to get out of the way, it could have been ugly. Henry lawn darted Orton into the cell, Henry then shouted emphatically “your in my hell you understand!”. Henry hit the splash, but Orton kicked out, it looked like Orton was making a comeback, but he was dominated by Henry. His selling was great, moaning in agony. Henry went for the World’s Strongest Slam on the steps on the outside, but Orton began to climb the inside of the cell and hit a DDT on the steps. Orton hit a Thesz Press and a draping DDT, Orton went for the RKO and hit it, but Henry kicked out emphatically at two. Orton went for the punt, but was caught in the World’s Strongest Slam for the three. It is great that they gave Henry another clean win, but in typical WWE fashion, they couldn’t let it slide. Henry came back to the ring, got a chair, and attempted the splash on the leg. Orton made his comeback and laid Henry out on the entrance way. Henry looked so impressive as a heel, why couldn’t they let it slide, the company is not going to fall apart, if Orton is beat clean twice in a row. I hope they continue the Henry reign of destruction, for the next few months, and elevate the person that defeats him in the process. The match was basically as good as it could have been, Henry looked good and Orton did his best to put him over.
*** ¼

Josh Matthews interviewed Del Rio, he said that he would become a vicious animal in a cage and get his title back. Cody Rhodes came out, he said that if you refuse a bag, you should be figuratively euthanized, whatever that means. He basically said that the current intercontinental championship is ugly, he pulled out the classic belt, it got a really big pop. He listed the names of previous champions like Savage, Rock, Austin, Steamboat etc. He said he would defend against anyone and become greater than any of them, Laurinaitis came out, he said he would defend it right there right now against Morrison.

5. Intercontinental Championship Match
John Morrison vs. Cody Rhodes
We had an impromptu match, it was fine given the fact that Rhodes was in full street cloths, including Gucci shoes. Rhodes tried to get counted out, but Morrison got him back in. At this point Cole was freaking out on commentary, going absolutely nuts. Rhodes imitated Hardcore Holly, he hit some of his moves including the Alabama slam. He locked in the Figure Four. After Morrison dominating for the basically the entire five minutes, Rhodes won with a role up. I didn’t really see the point, other than to get the fact that Rhodes will defend the title anywhere, but in that case why would he refuse. It was okay for what it was, aseptically since Rhodes was in street clothes.
** ¼

Laurinaitis interrupted Triple H on the phone and said Truth and Miz where in the building, they attacked Air Boom. They where taken out and Triple pretty much under sold it and said if this happened again Laurinaitis would be fired.

6. Diva’s Championship Match
Kelly Kelly vs. Beth Phoenix
Cole was still going nuts at this point, saying how the company was spiraling out of control. Phoenix was in control early on, which was different from the previous matches, where Kelly started off in control. Phoenix had Kelly up for the powerbomb, Kelly rolled her up for the two. Kelly botched what looked like, what was supposed to be a powerbomb, straight after that Booker said “what a match”. Kelly began to scream and beat Phoenix’s head into the post, I think that the scream would get a lot of heat if she was a heel, its worked in the past. The only offence Kelly really got in at this point was the hamstring back elbow. Natalya took out Torres, Phoenix locked in a submission on Kelly, Natalya asked if she was going to cry and clocked her over the head with the mic. Phoenix hit the Glam Slam for the win. It never got much of a reaction and it really felt like it was to little to late. Plus Phoenix should have won clean, I know that she is the heel, but after losing so many times she should have won with out the mic shot.

7. WWE Championship Match Hell in a Cell Match
John Cena vs. CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio
We had a good promo for the WWE championship, it put Del Rio over, and it made the match seem like a pretty big deal. We had CM Punk chants early on, but they never continued throughout the match. Cena and Punk went back and forth working on Del Rio, this led to a Punk and Cena face off. Punk hit a suicide dive on Del Rio, while he was in the fireman’s carry on the outside. We had pretty loud Cena/Cena sucks/ CM Punk chants. Cena and Del Rio battled over a steel chair, Punk set up a table on the outside and hit the running knee on Cena on the outside, but he was thrown off before he could hit the bulldog. He hit the cage and shredded his back a bit, while Cena was distracted Del Rio nailed Cena with the chair. Del Rio hit a back suplex on Cena, on a chair, crushing it. Del Rio had Punk in a headlock, Cena hit the top rope leg drop, Punk and Cena then exchanged punches in the middle of the ring, until Del Rio killed them both with the chair. Del Rio hit a big senton on Punk and Cena, who where on top of each other with a chair in between them. Cena hit the AA on Punk, Del Rio broke it up,  Punk hit the GTS on Cena, but Del Rio still broke it up. Del Rio was looking really good at this point, dominating both Cena and Punk. Punk hit the Savage Elbow on Del Rio, but Del Rio kicked out, this really made Del Rio look tough, even though Punk hasn’t really won a match with the move. Punk was knocked off the top by Del Rio, through the table that Punk set up early in the match. Cena locked in the STF and instead of having Del Rio get out and in a way prove his worth, instead Ricardo got the key and opened the cell. Wasn’t this supposed to be the ultimate barrier? Cena hit Ricardo with the Attitude Adjustment, but before he hit him he threw the key under the ring. Del Rio hit Cena with the pipe and locked him out of the cell. Del Rio hit the German on Punk, Punk kicked out, Del Rio hit the top rope enzuigiri on Punk who was on the top rope. Punk hit a flurry of kicks on Del Rio, as Cena started to stir. Punk hit a big clothesline on Del Rio and he still kicked out. Cena at this point realized he had no key, and attempted to pry the door open with his arm. At this point I was expecting Cena to superman his way through something yet again, but luckily Cena was kept on the outside until the end of the match. Del Rio nailed Punk with the pipe, Punk went for the GTS, but Del Rio hit Punk with the lead pipe for the win. As the cage began to lift, Cena got underneath the cell, attempting to go after Del Rio, but two men in hoods jumped over the guard rail, they were non-other than R-Truth and Miz. They destroyed everyone, Laurinaitis and Triple H came out, the cell started to lower, it lowered completely and nobody could get in or out of the cell. The whole locker room emptied, they tried to push down the cell, police and security where on hand, eventually someone came out with the bolt cutters. The cage door was gimmicked before hand so there was no hassle, the police got in, Miz and Truth surrendered and they where taken out of the cage, leaving a path of destruction in their wake. Triple H was held back, but broke loose, but he was quickly restrained. Miz and Truth were then taken out of the building. The ending worked on the show, but the follow up was atrocious and it just demines the cell more. The match itself was good, but there was nothing really memorable, plus the finish completely overshadowed the title change.
*** ¾

Overall Pay-Per View Thoughts
Overall the show was decent, we had some good wrestling, but nothing was really great. The angle at the end was interesting, but it wasn’t followed up well. The cell was used, but it was more like a steel cage match then a cell, except in the finish where it was used to keep everyone out. Much like the Night of Champions show a few weeks ago, the show had some good wrestling, but if you missed the show there was nothing match wise that was really of note. And I really don’t see this show doing well, buyrate wise.

ROH on SBG 2011/10/01 Review

The show started off with a good video package of last weeks show, we had the same intro as last week, with the boots, legs, and chest of the Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team shown.

We had Jim Cornette interview, Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team, it always feels contrived when a team comes out for the next weeks segment, straight after they have just wrestled. But, the delivery of the promo was fine for the most part. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team said they wanted the Briscoe’s, Cornette said that they refused and only would take a match if the titles were on the line. They wanted it right there, Cornette said he cant reward that behavior, the fans where actually pretty into it, even with the set up of the taping. We had the same promo with the Briscoe’s as last week.

We had a good promo highlighting Bennett, he said that ROH was just a platform for Bennett to get to Hollywood. He said he wanted to be like the Rock, mentioning him by name. This promo was specifically made to get heat, it was a really effective personality profile.

1. Jimmy Jacobs vs. Mike Bennett
The fans were behind Jacobs, in contrast the fans were giving Bennett the you can’t wrestle treatment as always. Jacobs and Bennett traded punches, Kelly explained to new viewers that fans on the internet hate Bennett, which is a good thing at least they don’t hide it. Jacobs attempted a suicide dive to the outside, Bennett moved out the way, it looked a bit wonky, but it wasn’t that noticeable. Bennett was in control, Jacobs made his comeback with the neck breaker. Nigel was pretty good at this point, he explained the reason of some of the moves, he also mentioned Jacob’s senton setting it up for later in the match. Jacobs hit a springboard bulldog on Bennett, but he missed the senton that was mentioned earlier. Bennett then hit the sit out side slam, or Box Office for the win. This was definitely one of the better Bennett match, he had more moves and he really clicked with Jacobs. Decent five minute match.
** ½

Nigel interviewed a fan and asked him who was going to win between Lethal and Generico, he said Generico. We then had this weeks installment of inside ROH, featuring Eddie Edwards discussing his elbow injury and Richards and Strong discussing their title match for next week. Edwards came off really well the interview, even with his limited promo ability. He told the story of how basically the tip of his elbow broke off, they showed the scar and the match footage from the next night, I think it will help him. The Strong and Edwards thing was also really good, Strong came off really well and his personality came through really well. He said that the reason that Richards hasn’t beaten him, is because he is a “dick”. Just really good heel stuff.

2. ROH TV Title Match
El Generico vs. Jay Lethal
Generico got a really good reaction from the fans, he also debuted his new remixed theme song. Lethal was in control for the early part of the match, which was a good thing since Generico is such a great face in peril and the crowd really got behind him quickly. Generico made a comeback and nearly killed himself hitting a moonsault Hayabusa style. Generico hit a dive to the outside, but once they were back in the ring, Lethal began to work over Generico. The three minutes until the time minute expires was announced, it would have been nice if they announced it at the five minute mark, but it was fine. They did bring up a clock, which was really useful. The time limit expired, the fans chanted five more minutes, out came Cornette, he said that he couldn’t give them five, but he could them three. Both men fired up and the crowd was going nuts, Generico hit the Yakuza, but Lethal kicked out. Generico went for the brainbuster, it was countered by Lethal, Lethal went for the Savage Elbow, Generico moved and then went for the top rope brainbuster. Lethal countered and hit the elbow, Generico kicked out, we had really strong Ole chants. Generico went for another Yakuza, but it was reversed into the Lethal Combination or Lethal injection for the win. This was a really fun TV match, that probably did a lot of good, but Generico should have kept the title. Having him lose the championship so quickly just devalues it and as we have seen elsewhere that is a bad thing. The match itself though was really good.
*** ½

Overall Show Thoughts
This was a good second outing for ROH on Sinclair, we had a really good mainevent and a decent opener. We also had some good little personality profiles and interviews. The show was as easy to sit through as last week, this is an old school wrestling show and that’s not a bad thing.

In next weeks issue we will be covering the current Triple H angle, in an article entitled WWE Creative Vote of No Confidence. We will also be reviewing this weeks edition of ROH on Sinclair as always.

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