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Cubed Circle Newsletter Issue #18: Nick Diaz: MMA's Crazy Man, A Territory System in 2012?, Top Matches of 2012 and so much more!

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In this week’s issue we cover the crazy man know as Nick Diaz, the second RAW on the Road to WrestleMania, a possible WrestleMania 28 card and so much more! As always I welcome any feedback, either via the comments section, email or the many social networks available. And with that being said, please enjoy the issue.

Nick Diaz: MMA’s Favorite Crazy Man

We have been over it what seems like a hundred times and this will be the last time that it is said in the newsletter and this I swear. This newsletter is primarily a professional wrestling newsletter and for the most part MMA is not covered. For multiple reasons, first of all I started this newsletter strictly to cover professional wrestling and wrestling related topics and second is that I do not believe that I have sufficient knowledge of MMA judging and it’s inner workings, to be able to effectively cover it on a weekly basis.

But, it seems that I find myself covering MMA more and more every month and this can be summed up to one single, simple cause. This cause is the fact that professional wrestling is MMA and MMA is professional wrestling, if you look closely enough you will be able to see this more and more. From the way that fights are built up to the way that feuds develop and progress in a logical manner, something that wrestling seems to have forgotten for the past few years. It’s just that simple, there is no way to get around it and therefore this relationship will not be mentioned in grave detail unless something drastic takes place in either the MMA or the wrestling world that warrants it.

MMA will be covered in this newsletter from time to time, maybe not in great detail, but when I think that something is relevant to wrestling or something occurs that just makes me think about their similarities, I will include it in the newsletter without the long repetitive prologue.

Nick Diaz and George St. Pierre have been locked in a heated feud for months now, ever since GSP suffered a knee injury and Diaz cut a post fight promo after a fight with BJ Penn, saying that GSP was faking the injury. There seems to be some real heat between GSP and Diaz, which made it even more important business wise for Diaz to win the fight against Condit. But, that was not the case, Condit won the fight on a somewhat controversial judges decision and Diaz said in a post fight interview that he was going to retire.

The MMA underground fired up in an outrage and even casual MMA fans were talking about how Nick Diaz was “cheated” out of the interim championship and a match with GSP. So what was the logical thing for Dana White to do? He started preparations for a rematch, after all GSP will only be ready towards the end of the year. So regardless of whether it was right or wrong to have rematch, preparations began, with Condit being promised an above average payoff for the match. Diaz was very happy with this and even said that he would fight for nothing in a typical Nick Diaz statement. Suffice to say, the match was never booked.

Ignoring the fact that this fight wouldn’t have even been considered if Diaz won by the same exact decision, the fight was off. Rumors circulated that Diaz had failed a drug test, these rumors were correct.

Regardless of whether you think cannabis is right or wrong, on a recreational or medical basis, this was a violation of the UFC’s rules, not only that, it was a violation of the Nevada State Athletic Commission rules. Now Diaz is facing what looks like a minimum nine month suspension, which would render the rematch argument a mute point.

There are now an argument taking place, on one hand you have the people saying that it is only cannabis and therefore it shouldn’t be that big of a deal and then you have the people on the other side saying that you can’t trust Diaz and he should be fired. Both arguments are obviously very extreme, but Diaz is a very polarizing personality. Obviously bringing him back without any repercussions  is out of the question, it would be a huge sign over favoritism on the UFC’s part and it would be very irresponsible. But, the people on the other side that argue that Diaz should be fired or fight on the preliminary level or also in the wrong.

The people that say that Diaz should be fired for a combination of violations and this most recent violation or arguing a very hypocritical point. They said that the UFC was displaying favoritism towards Diaz for considering a rematch, but firing him just because he is Diaz is also unfair and is biased in the opposite direction.

At the end of the day Diaz his a big draw, he is an interesting personality and he has heaps of charisma, but he is also reckless and he lacks the business smarts that fighters like Sonnen and GSP possess, so at the end of the say you have to be biased in a way. In my opinion he should be put on a one year suspension, in that time if GSP holds on to the championship then GSP could cut promos after each fight, calling out Diaz. This would build to a huge money making fight, but at the end of the day, I’m a simple wrestling fan, what do I know?

A Territory System in 2012?

If you are not aware this year marked the start of a production headed by TNA in India, entitled Ring Ka King. The show is catered to an Indian audience and is broadcast on the TV channel Colors. And the early numbers seem to say that this project is going to be a success, at least in the short term. According to the Wrestling Observer, Ring Ka King garnered a higher viewership than Raw gets across the whole world combined!

This got me thinking, what would happen if TNA or any other promotion that’s not WWE for that matter, begin to spread to other countries, with each production catering towards the market at hand. According to the success of Ring Ka King this could be a viable business model for TNA, they haven’t been able to break through the US market in a big way, but they have the backing of Panda Energy which helps them and hinders them in a way.

If TNA is able to make money from this Ring Ka King project, then what will happen if they spread to other relatively untouched territories? Can you imagine a successful promotion in China? With their huge market, a market that is even bigger than the Indian market, if they are able to break through there, then that promotion could become one of the biggest, currently.

Think about how many regions are relatively untouched by big promotions: Australia, Parts of Europe, Parts of Africa, Brazil, Argentina and China just to name a few. Even companies like New Japan under new ownership seem like they ant to spread to different regions, granted the new NJPW management seems a bit to ambitious and granted they are looking into the US market, which is obviously not untouched, but even that showcases how the global mindset seems to be taking over in some ways.

If the WWE’s business model doesn’t allow this kind of globalization, then other promotions really have an opportunity to expand in places that are seemingly out of the WWE’s reach. You have probably heard a thousand times how the territories are dead and that they could never make a resurgence, because we have the internet and a lot of the secrets of the business have been exposed to the general public. But, if promotions begin to set up shop in other countries, creating hotly contested hot spots, then maybe this will be the future of the business. Will it happen? Who knows. But, I think that you should keep a close eye on Ring Ka King and the events that follow.

Bits & Pieces  

Second Raw on the Road to WrestleMania

This week’s raw was another solid show, it had more on it than last week, but it also had more flaws. They built to the Undertaker Triple H and the Jericho Punk matches nicely, but they gave away the Elimination Chamber mainevent on a free show, Miz almost murdered Truth and we had a Smackdown mainevent given away for nothing.

From what I can gather it seems that the WrestleMania match between Undertaker and Triple H will be a last man standing match, it would only make sense given the fact that the entire argument that Triple H puts up is around the fact that he walked out and Undertaker didn’t. Will this make for a better match? Probably not. The near falls a key element that made there previous match so good will be gone, but it still should be a good match.

The Punk and Jericho segment on the show was interesting, Jericho came out and finally cut a promo, saying how people such as R-Truth, The Miz and the high flyers on the roster stole his gimmicks basically. He then said that Punk was the worst offender, Punk saying that he was the best in the world was the worst insult to Jericho. So out came Punk, who was going to cut a promo, but instead walked off, Jericho was going to hit him with a cheap shot with the microphone, but hesitated. I can honestly say that this was the best thing I have seen from the WWE in months.

The mainevent was honestly a complete mess, there were botches left and right, Miz nearly killed Truth, Jericho botched the finish with his foot on the ropes, the whole match was a disaster and the worst part is that it wasn’t necessary. Why did they have to put all the combatants from the chamber in one match? Why do we need to know who comes in last and spoil the surprise? The answer is we don’t, but they did and it backfired.

Another problem was that  the crowd in the arena didn’t react half as good as they were expected to. This could have been caused by the amount of footage shown on the Tron, but I doubt it. This lessened the impact of the show, however this was not the WWE’s fault.

Overall this week’s show was another solid one, although I would have wanted better. This show continued the steady build to Mania which was a plus.

Likely WrestleMania 28 Card

I have compiled a likely WrestleMania card, that could be of interest.

1. Money in the Bank Ladder Match

2. Diva’s Championship Match
Beth Phoenix vs. Kharma

3. Big Show vs. Shaq

4. World Heavyweight Championship Match
Randy Orton/ Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

5. WWE Championship Match
CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

6. Last Man Standing Match
Undertaker vs. Triple H

7. John Cena vs. The Rock 

Top Matches of 2012

1.      SUWAMA vs. Daisuke Sekimoto AJPW 2012/01/02 **** ¼
2.      Davey Richards vs. Eddie Edwards ROH Final Battle 2011/12/23 **** ¼
3.      La Sombra vs. Valador Jr. NJPW Fantastica Mania 2012/01/22 ****
4.      Manami Toyota, Hanako Nakamori & Sawako Shimono vs. Aja Kong, Mio Shirai & Tsubasa Kuragaki Chikara JoshiMania Night 3 2011/12/04 ****
5.       Ayako Hamada vs. Sara Del Rey Chikara JoshiMania Night 3 2011/12/04 ****
6.      CM Punk vs. Alberto Del Rio vs. The Miz TLC Match WWE TLC 2011/12/18 ****
7.      Masato Tanaka vs. Tomoaki Honma NJPW 2011/12/23 ****
8.      Kevin Steen vs. Steve Corino No DQ Match ROH Final Battle 2011/12/23 *** ¾
9.      Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Minoru Suzuki NJPW 2011/01/04 *** ¾
10.  Hikaru Shida vs. Yuzuki Aikawa Bull Nakano Produce Empress 2011/01/08 *** ¾

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