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Cubed Circle Newsletter Issue #8

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The Cubed Circle Newsletter

This is the first newsletter in two weeks, due to huge technical difficulties, exams and I just had a bunch of other stuff going on, on top of that. This week we have a review of Survivor Series spanning over 4 pages, there is no ROH on SBG review this week, since we would have to play catch up and I doubt there’s interest. Next week we will have a huge issue and there is a lot planned for the coming weeks, more on that in the next issue section. As always you can find a full PDF above and if you haven’t downloaded it already, I urge you to do so. 

Cubed Circle Wrestling Newsletter Rating System

*- Horrendous match, bad booking, bad pacing, botches left and right, poor work rate and bad crowd reactions can all lead to this.

**- Below average match, forgettable, couldn’t have added much for the show unless there was a great angle, before after or during the match.

***- Good match, there were some really good points in the match, had fun watching it, it had some points missing, the crowd possibly wasn’t into it or it didn’t go long enough. But, the match was still good.

****- Great match, well worked, the crowd were most likely into it, this match was a highlight of the show. The match would most likely be in the top 50 matches of the year.

*****- Almost guaranteed match of the year, ticked all the boxes well worked, well booked, great crowd, had some amazing spots, very few botches or no botches that really affected the match and the match could influence the business in a major way. This is a prestigious rating and it is the highest acclaim I could possibly give for a match, this rating is only given out with extreme thought and consideration.

WWE Survivor Series 2011 Review

We had a promo highlighting the events that had taken place before Survivor Series, it said never before had WrestleMania opponents teamed up, Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena anyone? Regardless it did a decent job. Not five minutes into the show and they were already going on about Twitter. Laurinaitis opened the show, he said this date commemorates his tenth year as executive vice president of talent relations.

1. United States Championship Match
Dolf Ziggler vs. John Morrison

Before the match even started we had “we want Ryder” chants. Once again Ziggler has to wrestle twice, I don’t know if it is just his gimmick on PPV, due to some weird booking and unfortunate circumstances. When the match started the “we want Ryder” chants only grew greater. Ziggler had Morrison in the headlock for quite some time working on the neck of Morrison. Morrison worked his way up and hit a dive to the outside on Ziggler, but once they were back in the ring Ziggler had Morrison back in the headlock. Morrison started to make a comeback and hit a neck breaker and a springboard enzuigiri, but Vicky got Ziggler’s foot on the rope, she was thrown out. They exchanged moves until Ziggler hit the fameasser. But, Morrison made it to his feet and went for the Star Ship Pain, but Ziggler got the knees up and hit the Zigzag for the win. Ziggler cut a promo, until Ryder eventually ran out, seconds to late, but the crowd was still into it, fist pumping along with him. Overall a fun opener, I was impressed with Ziggler, but unfortunately the match didn’t go long enough.

2. LumberJill WWE Diva’s Championship Match
Beth Phoenix vs. Eve  Torres 

Both women started off really awkwardly, Phoenix went for a body slam, but Torres just fell, a really clunky sequence ensued. It was like neither lady knew what the other was doing. Phoenix was thrown to the outside, Lawler tried to defend the “Barbie” doll look, it just came of as heelish. Phoenix went for the Glam Slam, Torres countered into a submission, Phoenix made it to the rope. Torres landed a big kick and went for the moonsault, she got hung up on the top rope. Phoenix then hit a Glam Slam from the top rope for the win, it looked absolutely brutal.
* ¾

We had a trailer for WWE 12, I can’t deny I am excited. Punk was backstage and was confronted by Otunga, he said he laid his hands on Cole and he should apologize to avoid a lawsuit. Punk said he would think about it, after he beat Del Rio and won the WWE championship. Rock cut a promo backstage, he had no shirt on, he went through his history in Madison Square Garden. He said WWF the F was cut out, Rock described moving up and winning the WWE championship. He finally said “finally the Rock has come back to New York City.” He then moved on to Cena, he said the Rock and his millions would take a thunder bolt and shoot it up his ovulating lady parts. He then started to sing, the fans sang along with him. He finally ended with if you smell what the Rock is cooking, pretty good promo, that did started off better than it ended, but there is indeed only one Rock.

3. Traditional Survivor Series Match
Team Barrett (Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, Dolf Ziggler, Hunico, and Cody Rhodes) vs. Team Orton (Randy Orton, Sheamus, Sin Cara, Kofi Kingston, and Mason Ryan)

As this match started all I could think was how far the Survivor Series match has fallen, why even continue at this point? Ziggler and Kingston started the match, but Orton hit an RKO on Ziggler about 2 minutes into the match. What’s the point of having him wrestle two matches if he is going to be eliminated 2 minutes in? Barrett’s team huddled on the outside, trying to regroup when Kingston and Sin Cara went soaring over the top rope onto them, well Kingston did anyway. Sin Cara was injured, his leg caught on the bottom rope on the way through, and he apparently ruptured his patella. As for how long he will be out, I don’t know, but this is a pretty bad sign for his future. Not that I think he is going to be released or anything, but it could affect his position in the company, even if it wasn’t entirely his fault. This injury resulted in a long awkward pause at the beginning of the match, Orton and Rhodes eventually started off, but Ryan was tagged in. That man has an unreal physique, if you know what I mean. Rhodes hit the Cross Roads on Ryan for the pin, the crowd chanted his name and he is more over than he was, which is probably due to the death of the mask gimmick. Sheamus started to beat down Rhodes, until the point where Barrett was tagged in. Kingston was tagged in and was fired up, but Barrett cut him off, with a big boot and a wasteland for the pin. Team Barrett worked over Orton, up until Orton caught Rhodes and threw him half way across the ring, where he landed awkwardly. Orton then made the hot tag to Sheamus, who went for the Celtic Cross on Swagger, but it was broken up by Barrett. Sheamus then hit multiple knees to the head of Swagger and was eliminated via DQ, which really didn’t make sense. Sheamus clocked Swagger with the Brogue Kick anyway, Orton pinned Swagger. Orton was fired up and hit the draping DDT on Rhodes, he then signaled for the RKO, but Rhodes made the tag to Hunico who came off the top rope and was caught with an RKO, and pinned. Orton then hit the RKO on Rhodes, but Barrett hit the Wasteland for the win. The match was a generic Survivor Series story for the most part and nothing really spectacular took place. Team Barrett got the win and Barrett looked relatively good, but it was booked to look cheap and make Orton look like the hero who tried to survive the odds, but just couldn’t.

Del Rio was backstage talking to the Bella twins when Laurinaitis interfered and said that he hopes that he is taking his title match seriously. Del Rio said there is no way that he is losing to someone who should be sleeping on the side walk on Broadway. We then had another B.E. A Star commercial, it’s been said to many times, this is ridiculous.

4. World Heavyweight Championship Match
Mark Henry vs. Big Show

Before the match started the ring crew were shown reinforcing the ring, they should have stated that the ring would be reinforced before hand, but better late than never I guess. Both men locked up, but Henry was over powered by the Big Show. Henry then started to work on the leg of Big Show, in a similar manner to their last match. Big show finally got out with a head scissors, at this point there was a loud “boring”, chant. But, the crowd started to chant for Daniel Bryan, possibly expecting him to cash in and be the savior of their boredom. Big Show signaled for the choke slam, but Henry hit the World’s Strongest Slam, but Show kicked out at two. Henry dropped an elbow on Big Show, the crowd started to chant for Undertaker, for no apparent reason. Big Show then shoulder tackled Henry through the barricade, the crowd chanted “holy shit”, even though it wasn’t that big of a spot. This was probably due to the pacing of the match. They teased the suplex spot, but Show gained control, he hit a super kick and an HBK chant ensued. Big Show then went up to the top rope for what felt like two hours, all the while Henry was just lying half way across the ring. Big Show finally hit the gigantic elbow, Randy Savage chants ensued. Then after this huge spot, pretty much the only notable part of the match, Henry just hit Big Show with  a low blow for the DQ. The ending felt so cheap, as specially after such a lack luster match. After the match Henry grabbed the steel chair and wrapped it around the leg of the Big Show, but he moved out of the way and hit him with a big right hand and a splash on the chair, we had more Daniel Bryan chants, but nothing took place. However the crowd reaction, could have contributed to the failed cash in on Smackdown. As for the match it just felt like much of the same.

Wade Barrett was interviewed by Matt Striker, he said he was there to be England’s first World Champion, Miz and Truth interfered. R-Truth went into a story about how he was shouting at the pigeons and he said that they didn’t talk. This is why they are not over, they are insignificant comedy heels. Cole and Lawler highlighted some more twitter stuff.

5. WWE Championship Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk

Before the match we had a promo that made Del Rio look as good as possible. Then we had a complete surprise, Howard Finkel returned to introduce CM Punk, he was very emotional. He was still great, but Cole, Lawler and Booker all laughed and made fun of his weight and emotions, which was just so childish. The crowd was chanting Howard Finkel, Punk was super over when he made his entrance which was expected, since the crowd at the Garden are mostly smart fans. The crowd then chanted for ice-cream and Colt Cabana. Punk was in control, hitting a suicide dive and a cross body. Rodriguez hit Punk with a cheap shot, Punk chased him around the ring, but Punk was caught with a clothesline by Del Rio. Del Rio worked on the arm of Punk, but Punk hit a big kick on Del Rio, the CM Punk chants continued. Punk and Del Rio traded strikes in the middle of the ring. Punk hit the springboard clothesline and signaled for the GTS, but Del Rio caught him with a back cracker. Punk went for the knee in the corner, but Del Rio caught him with a clothesline. Del Rio then hit a back cracker like move, to the arm of Punk. Del Rio went for the superplex, but Punk countered and went for the elbow, but he was pushed off the rope. Del Rio then hit a gigantic kick to the arm of Punk, he went for the running shoulder in the corner, but Punk moved and the shoulder of Del Rio met with the post. Punk hit the Savage elbow and started to stomp like Michaels, I don’t know what the deal was here, but this was an almost identical sequence to the one in the Big Show Mark Henry match. Punk went for a big kick, but Del Rio ducked it and locked in the arm breaker, but Punk made it to the ropes. Punk went for the GTS, he was pushed by Ricardo, Del Rio got the roll up for two. Punk hit a kick to the side of the head, for a near fall that the crowd really popped big for. Punk locked in the Anaconda Vice, it was locked in for about 30 seconds, until Del Rio finally submitted. The match went about 17 minutes, Booker said it went 30. Punk celebrated in the crowd, it looked like it was  a genuine amazing moment for him. The match itself was well paced, the crowd was into it and it had some really great spots. But, the title change was a real insult, the company won’t collapse if you don’t change the title and the WWE needs to learn that.
*** ¾

We had a commercial for the new Austin DVD, I believe it is the final one, it looked pretty good.

6. The Rock & John Cena vs. The Miz and R-Truth

The promo before the match did a much better job at hyping the match than four weeks of RAW. Sadly this was all for naught as Miz and Truth soon made their entrance, it made them look like complete and utter geeks, that nobody should care about. As expected when Cena’s music hit, there was just a cacophony of boos echoing through out Madison Square Garden. Rock got a pretty big pop and he looked great. You could see Cena’s face at the time of Rock’s entrance, just seemed to say “Wow, I wish I could do that.” The Rock started off the match with the Miz, he nailed some arm drags and threw him over the top rope. The Rock was then in the ring with Truth, the Rock hit a fisherman’s suplex, but the referee was distracted. Miz then said that he wanted Cena, the crowd booed and Rock slapped the hand of Cena in an angry manner. Cena hit a combo and the crowd chanted “you still suck.” Cena dominated with shoulder tackles and a spinning back suplex, he was going to hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but tagged the Rock in instead. Finally the Miz and Truth got in some offence and began to work over Cena, while Rock paced on the apron. Miz taunted the Rock before hitting the clothesline, the crowd chanted “Miz is awesome.” Cena began to make a comeback, but was halted once again, Truth was tagged in and came off the top with a cross body, but Cena rolled through into the fireman’s carry. Truth managed to roll off the shoulders of Cena and hit a facebuster for the two. Miz taunted Rock again on the apron, but Cena got the STF locked in out of nowhere, this felt really clunky. Miz broke free and got the hot tag to Truth and Cena hit the Attitude Adjustment. Truth then took Rock of the apron, executing the snake eyes on the barricade, Truth got back in the ring and the Rock gave chase, but this served as a distraction for the referee, so that Miz and Truth could attempt to get the heat. I say attempt to get the heat, because there was none in this match. Cena got the hot tag to Rock, he ran wild, he hit the DDT on Miz, slapped Truth and locked in the sharpshooter on Miz. Truth broke it up, but Cena took him out. Miz taunted as he beatdown Rock, but Rock hit the spinebuster and went for the People’s Elbow, the crowd was super into it. He threw the elbow pads into the crowd, and hit the elbow, the crowd popped for this, he then got the clean win. We had our conflict at the end of the match, Rock called Cena back into the ring, they had a cheering contest, until Cena was about to walk out and the Rock hit the Rock Bottom. Then Cena didn’t sell the move, no, he just crawled for a few seconds and then just walked out, after being beaten down by Miz and Truth the entire match. The overall match was mostly what you would have expected, there was little to no heat on Miz or Truth, they were just two bodies in the ring, it could have been anyone and it would have made no difference. The Rock looked really good and pretty much out shined everyone in the match, even though he was only in for a select period of time. It was fine for what it was, but it was more of a “look here is Rock” segment, than anything else. But, that is probably what is going to save the show, in terms of PPV buys. 
** ¾

Overall Show Thoughts
Overall another miss able show, yes it had the Rock return match and a good WWE championship match, but that’s about it. The main event featured the Rock, but not much else, the Rock looked great, but it didn’t really make me want to purchase Mania more. The New York crowd was entertaining at times, but at other times they were annoying, chanting only to get themselves over. Another show that just felt like one big Raw and that just felt like a chore to sit threw, for a large portion of the show.

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