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Cubed Circle Newsletter Issue #9

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The Cubed Circle Newsletter

We have a huge issue for you this week, spanning over 8 pages including a review of ROH on SBG, WON Awards Part 1, Ratings for November and more. As always you can find a full PDF above and if you haven’t downloaded it already, I urge you to do so. 

Wrestling Observer Awards 2011

It is time once again for the 2011 Wrestling Observer Awards, this is the time of year when many voters sit carefully contemplating the moments of the past year, deciding on the correct vote. I am one of these voters and I have been thinking long and hard about my vote. My ballot remains incomplete, so I will be posting my ballot in sections, before I send it in. The awards are split into two sections, Section A, where a first, second, and third place are chosen and Section B, where only a first place winner is chosen for each category. There are 24 awards in section A and 13 in section B. In this weeks issue we will be covering 7 from section A and 10 from B.

Category A

1. Most Improved

Dean Ambrose
Dolf Ziggler
Kyle ‘O Reilly

Improvement is something that we some times expect, other times a wrestler has reached a plateau or is just plain bad. These three wrestlers were great to begin with, but became even better this year. There is no better example of this kind of improvement than ‘O Reilly, at the beginning of the year he was nothing more than a pale rookie that could work, but he has matured into an even better worker.

2. Best Technical Wrestler

Daniel Bryan
Eddie Edwards
Davey Richards

Both Edwards and Bryan were technically sound in 2011, Edwards had the opportunity to showcase it, while Bryan had to conform with the WWE. Edwards had great matches through out 2011, but Richards was on his own level. Having phenomenal matches with just about everyone he stepped in the ring with, Richards has great ring work and showcased a lot of submissions, making him the best technical wrestler of 2011.

3. Bruiser Brody Memorial Award (Best use of Brawling Tactics to put of the best matches)

Rhett Titus
Jay Briscoe
Kevin Steen

Brawling in the context of a match, is somewhat of a lost art in this era, but the brawls that Steen had in PWG couples with his run ins in ROH, proved that this is not a lost art. The Briscoes and the All Night Express, also had their fair share of brawls through out 2011, from their Chicago Street Fight at Super Card of Honor, to their Ladder War at Death Before Dishonor, these candidates showcased the best brawling tactics of 2011.

4. Most Underrated

Zach Ryder
Daniel Bryan
Dolf Ziggler

Some are technically sound, some are super over, while others just seem to have it all, for whatever reason some wrestlers just don’t get the push that they deserve. Zach Ryder was really over throughout 2011, garnering a cult following, that seemed to branch into the mainstream. He got superstar like reactions in some cities, but he is still booked as a geek. Bryan is arguably one of the best wrestlers in the world and although he received the Money in the Bank briefcase, he suffered loss after loss. He is starting to make a comeback, but that falls out of the award window, plus that is a small fraction of the entire year. Both these men are talented individuals and are under pushed, but one man that has such potential, has been locked in place as a mid carder. Ziggler has phenomenal talent, from his in ring prowess, to his mic skills and charisma, there is no reason why he shouldn’t be in the main event.

5. Best Weekly TV Show

ROH on Sinclair

One thing that their was not an abundance of in 2011 was good weekly TV shows, at least in North America. Their was NXT and Superstars, but they didn’t fill the void that was left by the absence of good weekly TV. Their was only one show in 2011 that did this and this was ROH on SBG. It was booked like an old school wrestling show, it was logical, they built to Internet Pay Per Views and it had some great wrestling every week. And that is why ROH on Sinclair was the only TV show that was worth watching on a consistent weekly basis this year.

6. Best Announcer

Nigel Mcguinness
William Regal
Kevin Kelly

The job of an announcer is to get the product over in a respectful and meaningful way, while being entertaining and adding an extra layer of depth to the product. This year Mcguinness, Regal and Kelly did this job very well, Mcguinness added insight and extra analysis to the product, Regal was very entertaining and also got the product over well, and Kelly was phenomenal in his role, hitting all the major points and then some. He made the product look credible, but wasn’t stale or dry and that is why he was the best announcer of 2011.

7. Worst Announcer

Jerry Lawler
Booker T
Michael Cole

Unlike the winners above Jerry Lawler, Booker T, and Michael Cole don’t improve the product in any way, in fact they damage it. Lawler talks over the product and covers the product in a way that just makes you wonder why you are watching it in the first place. Booker tries, but he fails, he makes constant stupid remarks towards the product, he makes many mistakes and covers the product in a very naive and immature way. However, Cole is the worst, Lawler and Booker may diminish the product or fail to get it over, but Cole buries the product and the wrestlers outright every year and for that he is the worst announcer of 2011.

Section B

1. Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic
WWE B.A. Star Campaign

WWE pushed the B.A. Star campaign hard in 2011, when they obviously didn’t stand by the campaign in practice. Embarrassing JR in his home town, selling t-shirts that contained the same phrase that is given out to talent on their pink slips and more. This made the campaign a blatant hypercritic move and one of the most disgusting deceptions of people’s trust and faith of 2011.

2. Worst Television Show
TNA Impact

Although RAW has been worse than Impact for the last few months, Impact was the worst show for at least the first half of 2011. The show was practically unbearable and that is why it is the worst television show of 2011.

3. Worst Match of the Year
Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole WrestleMania 27

This was a match that no one expected to be very good, but when it went fifteen minutes and the feud continued further, the match was thrown over the edge. It was undoubtedly the worst match of the year.

4. Worst Feud of the Year
Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole

A feud that wasted so much TV time and spawned some of the worst abominations of the year, such as their match at WrestleMania or their match at Over the Limit and this is why this was the worst feud of the year.

5. Worst Promotion

TNA ended the year better than they started, but no one can ignore their atrocious TV and Pay Per View for most of 2011. Their shows were practically unwatchable at some points and that is why they are the worst promotion of 2011.

6. Best Booker
Joe Silva

Although this is a wrestling newsletter and I don’t cover MMA, the UFC often does professional wrestling better than most wrestling promotions. The best example of this fact is the booking and the man responsible for the booking Joe Silva.

7. Promoter of the Year
Dana White

This is a similar situation to booker of the year, Dana White has had a great year, gaining more exposure and obtaining a deal with FOX. There isn’t a wrestling promoter that could touch him this year and although he made some mistakes this year, he was the best wrestling promoter of 2011 outside of wrestling.

8. Best Gimmick
Steve Corino - Changed Man

Steve Corino’s new gimmick fits perfectly into the Steen angle and got a great reaction from ROH fans all year round. His speeches were entertaining, his altercations were fun and his encounters with Steen were engrossing . This was the best gimmick of 2011.

9. Worst Gimmick
Michael Cole – Self Centered Announcer

WWE was able to create the most annoying, irritating and go away heat getting character this year in the form of Michael Cole. His antics constantly undermined the show and the talent, without anything in return and this is why the Cole gimmick was the worst of 2011.

10. Best Wrestling DVD
Memphis Heat

Memphis Heat delivered tremendous insight into the world of Memphis Wrestling, it was well produced and contained a multitude of extras. It also contained interviews from people who made Memphis wrestling what it was. It garnered praise from just about everyone who had the pleasure to watch it and that is why it was the best wrestling DVD of 2011.

Check back next week for more coverage of the Wrestling Observer Awards.

Star Ratings Given November 2011


Survivor Series

WWE Survivor Series 2011 Review

We had a promo highlighting the events that had taken place before Survivor Series, it said never before had WrestleMania opponents teamed up, Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena anyone? Regardless it did a decent job. Not five minutes into the show and they were already going on about Twitter. Laurinaitis opened the show, he said this date commemorates his tenth year as executive vice president of talent relations.

1. United States Championship Match
Dolf Ziggler vs. John Morrison

2. LumberJill WWE Diva’s Championship Match
Beth Phoenix vs. Eve  Torres 
* ¾

3. Traditional Survivor Series Match
Team Barrett (Wade Barrett, Jack Swagger, Dolf Ziggler, Hunico, and Cody Rhodes) vs. Team Orton (Randy Orton, Sheamus, Sin Cara, Kofi Kingston, and Mason Ryan)

4. World Heavyweight Championship Match
Mark Henry vs. Big Show

5. WWE Championship Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk
*** ¾

6. The Rock & John Cena vs. The Miz and R-Truth
** ¾


ROH on SBG 2011/11/07

1. Shiloh Jonze vs. Michael Elgin
** ½

2. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Cedric Alexander & Caprice Coleman

ROH ON SBG 2011/11/12

1. The Young Bucks vs. The Bravado Brothers
** ½

2. The American Wolves vs. Michael Elgin and Roderick Strong

ROH on SBG 2011/11/19

1. Mike Mondo vs. Silva
** ½

2. Jamin Olivencia vs. Mike Bennett
** ½

3. Davey Richards vs. Kyle O’ Reilly
*** ¾

ROH on SBG 2011/11/26

1. The Briscoe Brothers vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

2. Michael Elgin vs. Sean Casey & Raphael Constantine
** ½

3. ROH TV Title Match
Jay Lethal vs. El Generico


1. Jun Akiyama vs. Suwama AJPW 2011/10/23 **** ½

Pro Wrestling NOAH

Go Shiozaki vs. Kotaro Suzuki NOAH 2011/11/05 *** ¾

ROH on SBG Review 2011/11/26

The show opened up with yet another good promo covering last week’s episode’s mainevent, between Richards and ‘O Reilly. They showed a Briscoes promo, they talked about Final Battle and how they would beat Alexander and Coleman. They then showed a Coleman promo, he is actually pretty good on the mic.

1. The Briscoe Brothers vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

The Briscoe’s went after Alexander, but he hit a big enzuigiri and Coleman hit a big dive to the outside. The Briscoes pushed the referee, Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team came running out with chairs, the Briscoes were chased out of the arena. Their was a commercial break, when they returned the fight was pretty much over. This wasn’t  really a match and I would have liked to see more brawling between, the Briscoes and Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team.

2. Michael Elgin vs. Sean Casey & Raphael Constantine

Casey and Constantine were super obnoxious before the match, which I guess added to the squash. They went for the double suplex on Elgin, but he hit a double suplex of his own. Casey and Constantine hit a few double teams, but Elgin quickly overpowered them and hit an Alabama Slam with both Constantine and Casey on his shoulders for the win. This was an okay little showcase of Elgin’s strength, but I would have liked to have seen a few more power moves from Elgin, since Casey and Constantine didn’t need to get a lot of offence in.
** ½

Jim Cornette revealed his settlement offer, he said he would reveal it next week, with Steen, Jacobs and Corino in the ring. The Steen angle has been built very well over the past few weeks. We then had this week’s edition of Inside Ring of Honor. Highlighting the training of Edwards by Dan Severn, they showcased Severn’s accolades including his amateur titles and UFC championships. Edwards and Severn were interviewed together, Severn said it was his idea to keep it a secret from Richards, Edwards then said that the reason that Richards was so upset was because of ‘O Reilly. He said that he wouldn’t have been able to put Richards out at Best in the World, but he will at Final Battle. Strong was then interviewed, he was drinking with women, he said he put out a challenge to ROH to find the best wrestler in the world besides him. He said he would steal the show at Final Battle, opponent or no opponent.

3. ROH TV Title Match
Jay Lethal vs. El Generico

Both Generico and Lethal battled back and forth, but Generico gained control before the commercial break hitting a split legged moonsault. Lethal hit a dropkick , Generico landed on the outside, against the barrier. They then cut to a commercial, once they were back Lethal was in control. Lethal chopped Generico, but Generico began to fire up. Lethal hit a backsuplex/neckbreaker combo, there were three minutes remaining. Bennett came out with the Television Championship in his hands. Generico hit the Yakuza kick at the one minute mark, Lethal then hit a super kick, both men were down in the middle of the ring. Lethal took Bennett out on the outside at the 30 second mark. Lethal hit the elbow and Generico was pinned for the count of three, but the referee was distracted by Bennett. Time expired, Lethal and Bennett then began to fight on the outside, when Generico dived onto both of them. I presume this is going to lead to a three way, which would be strange since Generico was pinned. The match didn’t go very long and I hope to see a full and proper Lethal Generico match, without these short time limits in the future.

Overall Show Thoughts

Overall another good ROH on SBG show, the wrestling wasn’t up to the standard set by the show, but the mainevent was decent. The strong build to Final Battle continued and next weeks show was set up well. So all in all another well planned show.

Next Weeks Issue

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